Duterte to De Lima: “I have evidence, I would like her to eat those tapes in my presence” | Get Daily Trending and Viral topics in Politics, Showbiz, News, Sports and Entertainmen DUTERTE TODAY


President Rodrigo Duterte lashes out to Human Rights Commissioner Leila De Lima, as he announced last Wednesday, August 17, 2016, at the Camp Crame that De Lima was the lady senator he was talking about involved in illegal drug trades.

Until now, he still cannot forget when De Lima’s attempt to involve him with the Davao Death Squad regarding the summary killings.

To express his dismay, he said during his speech at the Camp Crame, he has the evidence when De Lima first tried to investigate him.

    I will show you the CD when she first investigated me in Davao for human rights violations. Before the press entered the hotel lobby, she said I will prove that Duterte is connected to the Davao Death Squad (DDS).

Prior to that, Duterte warns De Lima if he cannot control his anger, he will let her eat those CD (tapes) in front of him but later on, he said he could never do that. He still has the conscience.

    Until now, she keeps on yakking and she has forgotten the tape that I had recorded. I would like her to eat it in my presence. I cannot do it because it is not an accepted edible food for human beings.

The Duterte-De Lima battle only shows that for the countless times De Lima tried to investigate and to drag him down, our President Duterte prevails the truth and nevertheless De Lima deserves to face the consequences of her actions.

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