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President Rodrigo Duterte stepped up his personal attacks on Senator Leila De Lima  on Wednesday, alleging that she has a new boyfriend and insisting that her supposed sex video was real.
Speaking at a news conference, Duterte accused De Lima of having an immoral affair that led her to commit "serious violations of law."

"Hindi niya mapigilan ang immorality niya... Her sex escapade led her to commit several serious violations of law," Duterte said after attending the wake of a police officer in Taytay, Rizal.
Duterte insisted that De Lima was the woman in a screencap of an alleged sex video, a charge that the senator has denied.

"Lumabas na lahat e, pati yung kalokohan niya sa kama. Hindi photoshop yan, sinadya talaga ng lalake yan at pumayag yan," Duterte said.
"Because na-in-love," he added.
Duterte even said De Lima now has a new boyfriend named Warren, who he said was not involved in drugs.

"Nagmo-motor... Iyong haggard na escort niya. MMDA [Metro Manila Development Authority]. Sino may sabi sa akin? Isa sa mga nag-report, noon pa... Si [Francis] Tolentino, ang MMDA [former] chairman kasi may sulat si De Lima sa kanya binigay ni Tolentino," Duterte said. 

Duterte said De Lima's former driver Ronnie Dayan was involved in illegal drugs. Dayan, according to Duterte, was also De Lima's former boyfriend.
"What is really very—how will I term it—what is very sad for this country is, here is a woman posturing herself as a crusader for good government but because hindi niya mapigilan ang immorality niya," Duterte said.

"Sabagay to the credit of De Lima, she is legally annuled kagaya ko rin sa asawa ko. Pareho kaming annulled. Dalaga siya, but her sex escapades led her to commit several serious violations of law," he added.

Duterte earlier defended his comments about De Lima's personal life saying that these were connected to her alleged involvement in illegal drugs and the provision of special privileges to inmates at the New Bilibid Prison.

De Lima has repeatedly denied Duterte's accusations that she was involved in the drug trade and in protecting high-profile convicts at the NBP.

Pressed for details on De Lima's involvement in illegal drugs, Duterte said, "She was on the take."
"She would not have allowed this things to happen for nothing," he added.

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