The number of people being killed in the Philippines has risen since you came into power - Journalist to Pres. Duterte | Get Daily Trending and Viral topics in Politics, Showbiz, News, Sports and Entertainmen DUTERTE TODAY

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte earned praises from the Netizens after his strong and emotional answer to the foreign journalist who asked him about the alleged death squad in the Philippines.

Mr. Miller a UK Journalist based in Asia asked the President about the rumours that Duterte released a death squad to kill the criminals without facing any legal processes.

The President answered the question very well and made the journalist speechless.

“Compare the number deaths of the drug personalities on my administration to the previous administration, and you will realize that the number of deaths are the same. It’s just that, those who were killed in the past were the innocent ones.” President Duterte said to the journalist.

The President also mentioned the killings of black people in america and the bombing in Syria.

He also mentioned the iconic Syrian boy named Omran who miraculously survived bombing in Aleppo Syria.

Duterte’s answer to Mr. Miller has gone viral and earned praises worldwide and gained hundred thousands of shares on the social media.

Some foreigners also said that the President of the Philippines really knows what is the problem and what issues must be priotize by US and UN.


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