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Former NBI deputy director Reynaldo Esmeralda believes the accusations of President Rodrigo Duterte linking Senator Leila de Lima on the trend of illegal drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison.

Esmeralda former deputy director for Intelligence NBI with Former NBI deputy director Ruel Lasala was sacked in 2014 by De Lima when she was the secretary of the DOJ because of the accusation that they are the tipster of Janet Lim Napoles, the so-called pork barrel queen.

In fact Esmeralda said previously that they shall investigate De Lima and its driver-lover Ronnie Dayan and the evidence they allegedly held will be released in due time.

According to Esmeralda, they have not revealed the relationship of De Lima in illegal drugs because the senator is close to former President Aquino.

There is also evidence, saying why he was removed on that time called "NBP 19" New Bilibid Prisons and placed in the custody of the NBI except Jaybee Sebastian left in the jail.

He also confirms the senator having a relationship with Dayan, explained that whenever any of the NBI wants to obtain position they will just talk directly to Dayan.

Remember Esmeralda and Lasala issued the CCTV footage seeing the former wife of De Lima Atty. Plaridel Bohol and Janet Lim Napoles together at NBI Headquarters during 2013.

Esmeralda ended, that De lima is his old friend but their treatment to each other changed during the time when the former secretary enter politics.

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