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People who have seen the tiny tattoo on the right hand of the President Duterte are wondering what is the real meaning of the said tattoo.

Based on the research that was conducted by investigative journalist Raisa Robles, the controversial tattoo of President Duterte is from the group of soldiers called 'Guardians Brotherhood'. These are the group of soldiers who topple the former president Corazon Aquino to reinstate Ferdinand Marcos.

The adviser of the President in Peace Process, Jesus Dureza also has the same tattoo. He also confirmed that this is what they call 'Magic Group' of the said brotherhood.

Dureza then revealed that he had no idea that the president became a Guardian. The first civilian recruits of the Guardians were lawyers who were once a city prosecuter.

“We are members of Guardians Brotherhood. It’s a fraternal group of people. It started as a military fraternal group. Then they got also civilians as members,” Dureza explained.

President Duterte is the first President of the Philppines who sport a tattoo.

But what is 'Guardians Brotherhood'?

Based on their website, it started out in 196 during the Martial law of Marcos. They were informal soldiers called as the 'Diablo (Devil) Squad'. Marcos' spy Chief General Fabian Ver  ordered the brotherhood to be disbanded and the former members formally registered it to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as a self-help group to improve the welfare of the soldiers.

It first started as a military fraternal group until they got civilians as their members. It was discovered that the Guardians are anti-communists and pro-Marcos.


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