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MANILA - A sobbing Rita Gabiola, also known as "Badjao Girl," called out her fellow "Pinoy Big Brother" teen housemate for acting out after feeling downtrodden about his performance as a co-team leader for an important task. 

Christian Morones, a 15-year-old from Zamboanga, decided not to speak with the other housemates as soon as the task, which was to choreograph a dance that they will perform on top of an Oobleck-filled stage, was over. He admitted that felt like he didn't act as a leader should.

Morones, who admitted to anger management issues, added that he wanted to stay quiet for a while, otherwise he "might hurt someone." 
But as it turned out, he already did. Gabiola, who lived in poverty with her family in Quezon City before her story went viral, said the cold shoulder treatment from Morones reminded her of the times when her parents fought. 

"Pag tahimik tayo, walang pansinan, parang may problema tayo. Pumunta tayo dito para magpakasaya. Ayaw ko na talaga," a sobbing Gabiola shouted. "Huwag na tayo mag-away. Nakikita ko na nagaaway iyong pamilya ko." 

Morones explained that no one could be happy all the time, before being separated by their fellow housemates. He said Gabiola "needs to be taught a lesson," prompting Kuya, the runner of the show, to talk to Morones. 

"Si Rita, sa hirap ng buhay, sanay siya na nagta-take charge. Siya ang tumatayong ate sa mga kapatid kaya nasasabi mo na matigas ang ulo niya. Ang kailangan ni Rita ay pasensya at unawa," Kuya told Morones. 

Gabiola eventually apologized to Morones for not being able to keep her emotions in check, which the Zamboanga-based teen accepted. 

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