Lawmakers urged Leila De Lima to resign as a Senator, after they heard the testimony of the National Bilibid Prison inmates. | Get Daily Trending and Viral topics in Politics, Showbiz, News, Sports and Entertainmen DUTERTE TODAY

Rep. Lito Atienza and Rep. Harry Roque said that De Lima must resign because of her involvement in the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the National Bilibid Prison

"Dapat nang magresign sa kanyang pwesto si Sen. De Lima. This investigation we started should not be in aid of legislation but in aid of prosecution".

After listening to the testimonies given by witnesses showing her direct involvement with narco-syndicates and watching the Discovery Channel documentary made during her term as Justice Secretary indicts Senator de Lima. Who knows what other relations she may have had outside the New Bilibid Prison?

We find ourselves now swimming in the cesspool of the drug problem. There is no other recourse for her but to resign her post as a senator. This investigation we started should not be in aid of legislation but in aid of prosecution. - Lito Atienza

Sen. De Lima was the Secretary of Justice when the public discovered that some inmates lived in a luxurious lifestyle inside the prison.

Lawmakers also discovered on their investigation that some inmates were allegedly protected by Senator De Lima in their illegal drug business inside the National Penitentiary.

One of the witnesses, Rodolfo Magleo labeled National Bilibid Prison as the Shabu Center of the Philippines during the neophyte Senator’s term as DOJ Sec.

Even Herbert Colanggo admitted that he used to gave 3M Pesos to De Lima in exchange of protection and VIP treatment.

After hearing all the testimony of the witnesses, some Lawmakers were already convinced that Sen. De Lima must face the consequences.

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