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During the Senate hearing in extra-judicial killings, the newly elected Committee Chairman Richard “Dick” Gordon questioned why there was no one representing Matobato, 

Gordon said:
“Nobody is representing him, ano yan pumutok lang sa buho dumating na lang dito, sino ba nagdala niyan?”- Gordon

After Gordon delivered his question, it can be seen on the video below that De Lima supposed to answer the question but then Trillanes voluntarily answer and said.

A few days before the hearing, Senator De Lima requested my assistance to bring him to the Senate but I didn’t handle him legally and after the hearing since he was decided that the committee will provide the protective custody.

He was temporary placed in the Senate grounds but later on the Senate President decided to deny the recommendation of the Committee that was the reason why he was evicted.

Based on the presentation he was forced to provide a temporary sanctuary and security for the witness. As of now I still am the one responsible for his safety and security.-Sen. Trillanes,

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