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President Rodrigo Duterte visited the wake of the former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago on October 2, Sunday, to send his last condolences.

According to the report, the president was supposed to go at 11:30 PM of Saturday but arrived late at around 1:45 AM on Sunday at the Cathedral Grottos. He stayed in the venue for one and a half hour and left at 3 AM.

Prior to his visit, Duterte already expressed his deepest condolences during his speech, calling Santiago the senator who ate death threats for breakfast.

"She is best remembered as a graftbuster &;eating death threats for breakfast,' earning her the Iron Lady of Asia. A constitutionalist, she has always been an advocate for the rule of law," he said.

The Duriam tandem was popularized by Filipino netizens when Duterte and Santiago showed the Filipinos their friendship instead of being rivals during the Pilipinas Debates of the 2016 National Elections.

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