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 Dr. Willie T. Ong posted on Facebook the medical meaning of psychopath.

 Much has been said about Agot Isidro's comment on President Rodrigo Duterte by calling him a 'psychopath'. She has been subject under heavy controversy and criticism lately, being bombarded by many netizens especially Duterte's supporters.

Isidro found herself waking on muddy waters after her statement made rounds on social media. Some prominent personalities have also expressed their opinion about Isidro's statement. This time, a certain doctor took to social media to clarify the meaning of the word 'psychopath' for the knowledge of the general public and of course, for Isidro as well.

Dr. Willie posted on social media the medical meaning of psychopath, clarifying that only 1% of the population are considered "mentally insane" or crazy. Dr. Ong also pointed out the characteristics of a psychopath, stating the behavior of people who are mentally ill, such as violence, lack of compassion, overconfident, etc.

The post has since gone viral on social media, drawing the attention of many netizens who agreed with the doctor's post.

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