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Thursday, Sen. Richard Gordon made a remark on President Duterte’s previous speech about cutting ties with the US. He said that this the move is “wrong”

Gordon, who was earlier made fun of being an ally of the President, said on Duterte's remark on putting an end on the long relationship of US and PH. "I don’t agree with that. I think, the President is wrong on that matter.”

“You don’t have to leave your old friends that have been reliable, and not be totally be reliable just because you want to get a few things. That’s short-sightedness,” Gordon said.

“It’s also incumbent upon us at the Senate to advice as a friend, not an ally, and tell him, ‘Boss, don’t get upset – but if you do, we can’t do anything – but what you’re doing ‘is wrong.’ And I disagree on that,” he added.

It can be remembered that the President has previously blurted out verbal assaults against the US despite the US being the biggest defense partner of the country. He has also inclined towards non-traditional allies namely china and Russia.

A threat on ending the joint military exercises with the Americans was made by the President even though they have standing defense treaties and agreements.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that that he is not sure of what the President said as he did not consult the Cabinet members yet. However, there will be a meeting in November to discuss this matter.

US claims that ties with PH remains strong as they have been diplomatic in giving their response to President Duterte.

However, some US congressional staff went to Gordon’s office to affirm the policy of the new administration.

“They are concerned with the policy. I told them not to worry and look at the acta (acts) not the verba (words),” he said.

“[I told them] this one is different. He is venting hurt feelings, but that doesn’t mean that’s policy,” Gordon mentioned at his meeting with Us Nationals in which he referred to Duterte’s recollection of cruelty to Filipinos when they occupied PH for 48 years.

“I told them, ‘You treat us fairly. You treat us with respect. I agree with the President that you have neglected the Philippines. Treat us not as primus inter pares or first among equals,’” Gordon conveying that US should not take the Philippines for granted.

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