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By Maria Makiling of DDS News
To the “Disenteng” Netizens who want to take down the Mocha Uson Blog:

Why are you so afraid of Mocha? Why are you desperate in taking down her Facebook page? Why are you so insecure about a former “bold star”? Why do you hate her so much yet you can’t help yourself in stalking her and reading her every post?

Is it because you cannot conceive how someone like her who does not come from the oligarchy has more following and engagements than Inquirer and Rappler?  Is it because people perceive her to be more credible than mainstream digital media? Is it because she represents every DDS warrior? Is it because you cannot fathom the depth of her love for country and her dedication in supporting President Duterte? Or is it because you are a loser hence you cannot fight fair and the only way for you to win is to silence your adversary?

It is the height of your jaundiced hypocrisy when you scream on top of your lungs that human rights should be protected and EJK should be stopped yet you want to silence Mocha Uson.  You and the self-righteous “disente” elite are painting yourselves to be human rights advocates but you cannot respect the basic human right to freedom of expression of Mocha Uson. Perhaps in your self-entitled mind, only the elite, the oligarchs, and the yellows have the right to speak. In your own yellow little entitled world, anyone who does not think like you has no right to have access to the Internet.

You know what, you are a coward and a cheat. You want to silence Mocha because you cannot fight her fair and square. You know the only way you can manipulate public opinion is for her to be out of fb and with that she loses her voice and platform. But again, being the loser that you are, you will lose this battle for the nth time.

So just you know, we the DDS, we are the Mocha Uson Blog. Every DDS is Mocha Uson. Even if you succeed in taking her page down, another page will rise then another and another. Every time you take us down, we will rise stronger, fiercer, and more determined to fight for this country and protect and support the President.

You are afraid of Mocha Uson? You should be. Because she is in all of us 16 million and rising ready to engage you and deal with losers like you.

So bring it on. Don’t tell us we did not warn you.


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