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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte summoned mayors from all over the country to appear in Malacañang on Wednesday, a Palace official said on Tuesday. "All [mayors have been invited],” the official told SunStar when asked to confirm if all mayors have been asked to go to Malacañang on Wednesday.

He, however, refused to provide further details when pressed further if the invitation to them was developed following the President’s remark that his next move on his anti-drug efforts was to have a one-on-one meeting with the mayors and let them look for themselves if they are included in the drug list.

In a speech delivered at the Palace on Monday, Duterte revealed his plan to have an executive meeting with the mayors to show them his “thick” drug list.

Duterte said he would not hesitate to kill them, if he is able to prove that they are connected to illegal drug sale. “I will call the mayor, lock them in. It will only be us and I will really tell them, ‘You know, I have a thick [drug list], find your name, mayor. Son of a b****, if your name is there, you have a problem, I will really kill you,” Duterte said. “Either you resign or make a clean breast of everything, come up with a clean nose and we’ll talk... I tell you, do not fool me.

I will deprive you of the supervisory powers over the police. Second, I will get rid of your security," he added. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said Duterte’s pronouncement against the mayors linked to drugs was merely his “messaging style to underline his intentions.” “Again, it is to say matter of the leadership style and messaging style of the President.

However, it’s just meant to underline his seriousness in making sure that nobody is corrupt and involved in criminalities,” the presidential spokesperson said in a chance interview.

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