De Lima asked the SC to set aside the arrest warrant, stop the judgefrom conducting further proceedings | Get Daily Trending and Viral topics in Politics, Showbiz, News, Sports and Entertainmen DUTERTE TODAY


In her petition, De Lima asked the SC to set aside the arrest warrant, stop the judge from conducting further proceedings, and issue a status quo ante order aimed at restoring the status prior to the issuance of arrest warrant.

She said Guerrero committed grave abuse of discretion when she "acted with undue haste and inordinate interest," as the court has yet to resolve her motion to quash that was supposed to be heard on February 24, a day after the arrest order was issued.

"Haste, when unduly applied in the context of the criminal justice system, such that it constitutes a blatant failure to respect and uphold a person's fundamental rights, and to observe the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution to protect the rights of the accused, it results in something far more destructive, more pestilent and graver than mere imperfection," the petition stated.

It added that only the Sandiganbayan--not the Regional Trial Court--has jurisdiction over the offense she was accused to have allegedly committed when she was justice secretary during the Aquino administration.

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