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The Bureau of Customs (BOC) announced that it will hire new employees as over 3,200 positions have been revealed to be vacant.

Speaking at the agency’s 155th anniversary celebration, Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon said they are looking to reorganize and reconstruct the whole bureau that will prioritize filling up the 3,230 vacant positions, equivalent to 52 percent of the bureau’s total workforce.
The bureau is also planning to promote 1, 426 personnel, some of whom have not been promoted over the past 30 years.

An upgrade on the capabilities of the BOC, particularly on border security, is expected to be rolled out as well, Faeldon said. “We are currently purchasing 20 speedboats to aid our border patrol unit in securing our territorial seas from proliferation of contraband,” Faeldon added.

The BOC Commissioner also revealed that new ports in Palawan and Legazpi will be constructed this year. It is also looking to renovate the old Port of Manila building.

Another target, Faeldon said, is to build a state-of-the-art Regional District Office in Cebu.
“Lastly, we’ve conceptualized a schematic master plan for the proposed Port of Manila Maritime Trading District, which we hope to start by 2018,” he said.

BOC hit a 101-percent record hike in its January revenue collection, reaching P35.745 billion and surpassing its revenue target of P35.509 billion by P236 million for the period.

In a preliminary report, the BOC’s Financial Service (FS) disclosed that the January collection is comparatively 115-percent higher than the cash collection of P31.08 billion in 2016. “The amount in revenue collection for January 2017 could hit an outstanding sum in the final financial and revenue collection reports that will be released by the National Treasury soon,” the report said.

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