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Haaaaay, sadyang kayhirap lumagay sa sitwasyon ngayon ng Pangulo. Sobrang dami niyang minanang gago at sakit sa ulo!

» 6,000 police officers are reportedly involved in illegal drugs and other illegal activities. This 6,000 police scalawags will add up to the number of people who wants to topple this govt.

» 40% of baranggay officials are reportedly also involved which will also turn into enemies of  this admin. when exposed or threatened.

» Then the communists who recently cancelled the ceasefire agreement.

» Plus, the recent closure of 25 mining companies which will consequently result to 1) environmental protection which is really good and necessary, but this will also mean 2) loss of some people's livelihood in those areas & loss of some revenues, and  3) even worse, the major stakeholders of these 25 mining companies will add up to the present enemies of this govt. who will want to overthrow it.

All these on top of so many other pressing challenges and enemies which he is facing left and right, day in, day out...

All these while many of our local & foreign media outlets are also out to destroy him...

All these while millions of unreasonable Filipinos are expecting him to deliver them from hell and clean up all our country's mess in barely 6 months!


Let's ask the Gods to guide and protect him...

More importantly, let's do our share & help re-build our nation.

I know there are a lot of bright minds & true patriots among my FB friends and followers. Please feel free to comment and make specific suggestions on what each of us can & should do to help.


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