A Tearful Speech of Sen. Ping Lacson for Pres. Duterte and Gen. 'Bato' Dela Rosa - MUST WATCH | Get Daily Trending and Viral topics in Politics, Showbiz, News, Sports and Entertainmen DUTERTE TODAY


Lacson acknowledged Dela Rosa and congratulated him for fulfilling his responsibilities in cleansing the ranks of the PNP and restoring the trust of the general public in their organization.

Lacson considered it a blessing for President Rodrigo Duterte winning the elections and appointing Dela Rosa as director general to aggressively fight illegal drugs in the country which perhaps is one of the most glaring issues the Philippines have suffered for years.

The weight of the responsibility carried by Dela Rosa was quite overwhelming, even more so after numerous policemen from the PNP have been discovered to be involved in drug trades. This caused the public to lose their trust from the organization. But Lacson along with Sen. Miguel Zubiri expressed their faith in the PNP Chief in continuing their fight against trust and winning back the trust of the Filipino people.

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