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I never trusted Koko Pimentel. He is spineless, brainless, and only thinks of himself first than the national interest. I had called him a damn fool for giving Leila De Lima the chairmanship of the judicial and human rights committee of the Senate that was used as a platform to discredit President Duterte with all those baseless accusations of EJKs.

He is what the Spanish call "doble cara" or two-faced. He is a man in a hurry to be president. He will stab anyone in the back just to attain that ambition. He did not inherit the principles of Nene Pimentel whom I respect.

He tried to protect Leila De Lima. He kept quiet and did not defend the president when the latter was under attack from De Lima. Through his PDP-Laban surrogate DILG Sec. Mike Sueno he tried to delay the arrest of De Lima. The leak to arrest De Lima came from the DILG.

I strongly suspect it is Koko Pimentel and the PDP-Laban who torpedoed plans for the people to grant him revolutionary powers. They don't want the president to succeed. That is why the DILG took control of the Feb. 25 event at the Luneta.

With friends like Koko Pimentel, who needs enemies? My advice to the president is watch your back.

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