Robredo supporter could land in jail after she allegedly threatens to plant bombs at the Luneta Park on April 2 to disrupt the pro-Duterte rally | Get Daily Trending and Viral topics in Politics, Showbiz, News, Sports and Entertainmen DUTERTE TODAY


Pro-Duterte supporters were alarmed by the circulating news on the internet that a group plotted to disrupt the rally on April 2 at the Luneta Park.

According to the post of Facebook user Lyn Ouvrier allegedly wrote that they are going to plant bombs at the Luneta Park to protect the Vice President from the people who wanted her to be ousted.

The alleged plot was revealed by a Facebook page named “khayri woulfe for president” and the page also published the archive link of the threatening post.

The facebook page also claimed that Lyn Ouvrier is only a Facebook dummy of Willyn Trabajador, a loyal Robredo supporter.

Even the pro-Duterte bloggers were alarmed by the threat posted by Ouvrier and they conducted their own investigation to reveal the real identity of the alleged fearmonger.

Professor Antonio Contreras believes that Ouvrier violated the Human Security Act and already considered as terrorist threat.

Even former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III believes that Ouvrier’s post can land her to jail

Darwin Cañete, a known prosecutor and Duterte supporter gathered some information about Ouvrier.

He said that Willy Trabajador was the one who allegedly founded a Facebook page named “Resbak Operatives” known for harassing some of the supporters of President Duterte.

Several hours after the bomb threat went viral, a Facebook page known for being critical of President Duterte published the official statement of Ms. Lyn Ouvrier.

Ouvrier claimed that her account was already deactivated for weeks because somebody tried to steal her personal information and intentionally cloned her Facebook account to put her in danger.

An expert said that Willyn Trabajador might be the one who copied the identity of Lyn Ouvrier if she was really a victim of identity theft because the threatening Facebook post is owned by FB url

Cañete said that all the question would be answered when the police already started their investigation and asked Ouvrier to surrender her Facebook account to the authorities.

Since the election period, both supporters of Duterte and Robredo accused each other of using dummy accounts to increase their Facebook engagements and also to harass people.

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